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Composição com gráfico e objetos de escritório e obra

construction management

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(Turn-key from initiation to completion)

  • Scope Management (definition and control of what will be included in the execution of the work / renovation / decoration, suppressing or not the project scope to adjust costs);

  • Deadline Management (definition and control of the milestone dates and of the processes necessary to perform the activities within the predictions, with the elaboration of the work / renovation / decoration schedule and of all its activities as established in projects);

  • Cost Management (definition of budget estimates, control of monthly costs, collections centralization, adequacy to cash flows);

  • Quality Management (monitoring criteria and procedures adopted in the application of materials and execution of services, inspections on work and after work);

  • Supply Management (purchasing plan, quotations, negotiations analysis, contracting suppliers, collection and making payments);

  • People Management (monitoring the performance of the teams according to the people qualification, feedback provision, problem solving and changes coordination in order to improve the performance of activities, monitoring and controlling the workplace conditions and safety at the construction site / renovations);

  • Relationship Management (planning and monitoring of the process communication between the interested parties, with the communication plan elaboration for the work / renovation / decoration in order to ensure the agility of the internal actions and decisions and the correct formalization of the records, definition of the distribution criteria, review, availability of access, storage, retrieval and final disposal of documents and records in physical or electronic means, monthly report on the performance of the work / renovation / decoration and all areas of management);

  • Security (basic insurance for civil works, which provides full coverage during and after the execution of the work).

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Garantia de PÓS OBRA


  • Guarantee of full compliance with the contracts by the contractors, with monitoring of any changes in scope and contractual amendments. 

  • Finalization and delivery of the work / renovation / decoration within the parameters of the deadline, cost and quality, initially defined with the client. 

  • Security in the purchasing process, with the compliance with project specifications and making appropriate purchases from reliable suppliers at opportune times. 

  • Guarantee of the use and allocation of adequate human resources for each phase of the construction / renovation / decoration. 

  • Guarantee of effective communication among everyone involved in the work / renovation / decoration so that the correct information is available at the appropriate times for each interested party. 

  • Reduction of risks and their management throughout the work / renovation / decoration.


Variable, according to the size, duration of each activity and client's needs.


Budgets - Construction management, renovation and decoration

Construction management / renovation / decoration budgets are calculated from the completion and definition of the Technical Project, which is budgeted from the minimum operating cost of R$ 16,359.59.

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General Notes

The values do not apply for projects outside the state of São Paulo - Brazil.


  • We do not keep up with indicated workforce services.

  • We accept suppliers’ indication as long as their suitability and notorious technical capacity to supply and execute materials are proven.

  • We do not manage works which project was not developed by our team of professionals.

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