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Inside Arquitetura & Design works like a laboratory, where great transformations materialize from the fusion between architecture, engineering, interior design and art.

With the knowledge of its partners and the competence of its collaborators, Inside stands out for innovative solutions in interior architecture, also performing architectural projects that are part of particular stories and requirements, always with a complete and specific vision for exclusive and personalized residences.

the inside team


The Inside team is made up of diverse talents who work in an integrated manner, with only one purpose. 


Led by entrepreneurs Sara Rollemberg, Fabiola de Souza, Claudia Mesquita, Kelly Mussaqui and Marina Martins, designers, architects, engineers and managers seek and apply effective solutions for properties and their ambient. A journey that goes hand in hand with each client.


Excellent performances are made as a team!  










language & estyle


Interior and architectural projects are developed by Inside for different segments: residential, commercial and corporate.

The company's particular creation method makes each project unique and personal. In the search for timeless architecture and interior design, the spaces designed by the team reflect an eclectic language, which prioritize intuition in their creations, the modus-vivendi of each individual and the sensory perception of the human being.

The sources of inspiration come from reflection, intelligence, technique and humanization, with the premise of sustaining “being”, in addition to “having”.









the partners - DEOs (Designer Executive Officers)

who is Sa? (sara rollemberg) 


With a typically Brazilian heritage, miscegenated by a Lebanese, Italian and Dutch family, she was born in São Paulo, capital.

In 1997, she entered an institution to absorb Civil Construction techniques. She acquired a taste for the “cement and sand” universe and started working in architectural design offices and in works by construction companies.

In 2000, she had a portfolio with successful cases, which covered high specification solutions and technical guidelines. When she combined her work to a group of professionals in the field, whose knowledge complemented each other, she created Inside a year later with the aim of sharing the team's experiences and techniques with its customers.

In 2004, she immersed herself in the design universe and started to use the creative process as a form of expression. Interior Design, Psychology applied to Interior Design and Process Management were part of her formation. Complementary courses in the area like Gardening, Landscaping, Window Display, Feng Shui, among many others, were also gained knowledge that always added technical information to the projects with her team and clients.

Her constant search for improvement in management made her recently join as a member of the PMI (Project Management Institute) - one of the largest management institutes, recognized internationally and for which she is being certified. She loves the contact with nature through surfing, balances the body through Pilates and maintains an intimate relationship with fashion.

Sara appreciates having contact with people, and collect friendships built with each client. She always brings good humor and lightness to relationships.

who is Bi?  (fabiola souza)


With Speech Therapy as his first formation, Fabiola has always stood out for taking care of people. She found her talent in the world of design and art after 2005, when she graduated in Interior Design. Born in Goiânia and from a military family, she has lived in different regions of the country like Fortaleza and Brasília. But it was in São Paulo that she entered the architecture and decoration market, working with big names in the field.

Friends since adolescence, Fabiola and Sara were reunited after a few years, and sharing the same interests, she started to share her experience at Inside, where she became a partner in 2007.

Fabiola has an enormous ability with fabrics and sewing, personalizing details and always with artistic solutions for each project, valuing original creations, like Brazilian handicrafts. Currently, she is in charge of handmade work solutions, closely monitoring the work of suppliers, applying the abilities of her formation in Quality Management.

She finds in tennis and diving a way to relax. She is Giovana's mother and discovered, with the experience, the perfect balance between dedication to the family and her entrepreneurial side.

who is Clau?  (claudia giancoli)

Architect and urban planner, she started her job at Inside as one of the professionals who were part of the group, acting in projects and monitoring works.

Her dedication for years was intense and recognized. And as an accomplishment of a great professional dream, Claudia joined Sara and Fabiola, who decided to come together in 2011 to put into practice many ideas in common, which were being improved and complemented in partnership, based on the various abilities they had. The society has matured through the convergence of interests, opportunities, in addition to success and recognition in the area.

With a very Italian family, Claudia is heir to an incredible gastronomic talent and likes to gather friends and family at the table to taste her flavors and discoveries.

She loves traveling with her family. Mother of Marina and Pedro, she currently challenges the best synergy between career and motherhood.

who is ?  (marina martins)


Má is from Marina, a São Paulo architect and urban planner, with long lashes and many authenticity and style. Her mother, a plastic artist, and her father, a drummer, always inserted her into the artistic universe: manual arts and music. As a typical Brazilian, she is also the heir to Lebanese and Italian immigrants.

Her passion for creative processes immersed her in hobbies like artistic makeup and scenography. The creation of parallel universes is her passion. She loves reading and films that take her to the knowledge of the most varied subjects, always understanding the new. She stood out at Inside for her creations and methods in the area of projects and works.

Marina started to manage works, proving her competence, bravely facing taboos and prejudices in the construction sites, where the stereotypes are men in muddy boots and hard helmets. Like all Virgoan, Marina was always extremely detailed and committed to each method applied.

She puts intensity and perfection in everything she does, and the result could not be anything other than joining the growth core of Inside as a partner in 2018, when finally they felt complete.

who is Keké?  (kelly mussaqui)

Girl-woman, she has charisma and humility as qualities of a personality that has always spontaneously stood out as a leader. Graduated in architecture, her sweet face hides the enthusiasm, the bravery and the commitment she consistently had with Inside, with each client and with each process.

Fearless, she faced the most diverse challenges in the company, showing her professionalism and intelligence above the average by absorbing all types of activities without procrastinating. She worked hard beyond what was imposed to her and mastered administrative management processes in the area, where she applies all her technical knowledge acquired at the University.

Kelly is passionate about the sea, dogs and sunny days. From a Spanish family, she had an exemplary father who aroused her desire for the creation of the human habitat. Her warrior mother and brothers were always her support. With family and integrity values, she proved she would make all the difference at Inside, and nowadays she became Sara's right-hand man and a fundamental part of a team of partners who joined in 2018.

STUDIO  Avenue Nazaré, 1139 - Cj. 1201 (12th floor) • Ipiranga - São Paulo/SP • ZIP CODE 04263-100
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